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Who We Are
We are an organization that aims to give a platform for Innovators to refine their ideas into actual tangible business models with sustainable and inclusive impact. Our vision is to create, develop and sustain reliable business culture for entrepreneurs in Africa, which supports and improves its environment efficiently and effectively.
What We Do
We create links, disseminate market information, organize business relationships and focus on enabling producers to access the best possible markets. Our technology deals with modern challenges in business supply chain and society by availing businesses with an opportunity to connect between and among themselves in a manner that gears them to achieve more than they could achieve by themselves without this synergy of minds.
How We Do It?
The idea is to allow entrepreneurs to introduce their business ideas and or changes that add new values, at the same time nurturing their risk-taking appetite productively in order to systematically search for opportunities arising from innovation and transforming those opportunities to deliver commercial benefit to the owner of the idea and or their business, with the intention to value-add to the broader communities.

Short Story About Our Company

Study24 Founded
International Technology Enterprise Entrepreneur is a brain child of Study24, a company founded in Zimbabwe in 2015, aimed at creating a platform where education can be assimilated in a way that promotes community development.
Improving Peoples' Lives
The company sought to improve people’s lives by helping them to realise how their knowledge could be useful within the environment. This led to a gap being identified in the business sector, where the adoption of technology was limited due to lack of knowledge on how to use it.
Business Sector
Notably, businesses with new systems could not fully utilise technological innovation to their advantage, while others resorted to outdated systems which depleted their competitiveness. Innovative technologies also continued to be unfriendly to certain groups in society.
Inclusive Innovation Week
To this end, Study24 sought to help innovators to approach their ideas in a more inclusive way to create impact, influence and uptake. This was achieved by the introduction of the Inclusive Innovation Week initiative led by Study24 and B2C Coworking.
Enterprise Entrepreneur
Inclusive Innovation Week created the need for an establishment of a platform that addressed business needs and challenges faced by innovative entrepreneurs who had homegrown solutions that could bridge the current economic gap. The entrepreneur can now access capital, plan its business and run it like a big enterprise.

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